Vera Weiler Electrolysis

Proven, permanent hair removal.

COVID-19 Update

Latest Release: Open for indoor services only, up to 25% capacity. Services where customers must take off their face coverings are still not allowed. This includes procedures around the nose and mouth. See guidance for personal care services.





Why is Electrolysis Best in San Francisco?

Electrolysis is the ONLY treatment approved by the FDA for permanent hair removal.

Unlike laser hair removal, which targets the pigment of hair, electrolysis targets the hair follicle itself.

Electrolysis is safe and effective for ALL types and colors of skin and hair for San Francisco's diverse population—including women, men and transgendered persons. Because it works at the follicle level, it achieves permanent hair removal on a far more diverse range of people. Grey, blond, dark, fuzzy, course, ingrown, or any other type of hair can be completely and permanently removed with electrolysis treatment.

Vera welcomes diversity and fully attends to the specific needs of her transgender electrolysis clientele.

About Vera Weiler - Best Electrolysis in San Francisco

Satisfying clients' permanent hair-removal needs for over 20 years.

Vera Weiler is an expert electrologist with experience practicing since 1991, when she received her certification from the Jane Riddle Institute in Modesto, California. In 2011, she moved the Vera Weiler Studio to its current location in San Francisco's popular Union Street shopping district between the Marina and Pacific Heights.

Having been an electrolysis client herself, Vera knows first-hand how the permanent removal of unwanted hair can improve your life—a positive outcome she's been proud to help others achieve many times throughout her years in practice. Vera enjoys and welcomes a diverse clientele—who have often been referred to her from dermatologists, skin care institutes, laser spas and other electrologists throughout San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties.

Her clients' satisfaction, comfort and privacy—including those of her diverse transgender electrolysis clientele—are always her top priorities.